In a career spanning twenty years and thirteen fantastic albums, Richard Clapton has earned himself a very special place in the history of Australian contemporary music. A singer / songwriter who combines masterful poetic insight with a passionate rock ‘n roll heart, he has articulated the hopes and dreams - and the disappointment and disillusionment - of a generation of Australians.

Respected by peers and critics alike, the fact that so many of his songs are still heard on Australian radio stations every day is proof of the enduring qualities which make his music so special. From ‘Girls On The Avenue’, ‘Capricorn Dancer’ and ‘Deep Water’, through to ‘Down In The Lucky Country’, ‘The Best Years Of Our Lives’ and ‘I Am An Island’, Richard has never stopped creating brilliant music.

Richard Clapton

Wests New Lambton

Sun 25 Jun 2017

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